Windows and Doors Installation Procedures

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  1. Remove old window or door unit to original rough opening. 
  2. Frame out rough opening or modify rough opening for acceptance of new insulated replacement unit. 
  3. All wood units contain double-glazing insulated glass system or true insulated glass with maintenance-free aluminum clad exterior. Vinyl units also feature full insulated glass.
  4. Double-hung units tilt-in for easy cleaning. Casement units swing from center allowing for easy cleaning of both sides from interior. Vinyl casements may vary.
  5. Installation of skylights require fabrication of opening in roof and the building of the support frame. Build and install tunnel where required. Tunnels can be flared to create light reflection at an additional cost.
  6. Units are leveled in rough opening for easy operation and complete perimeter frame of new windows is fully insulated and caulked before application of interior casing trim material and custom capping of any exposed exterior framing lumber with aluminum trim material. Silicone caulking material used on exterior applications. 
  7. Rectangular muntins, diamond muntins, white or polished hardware, slimshades, pleated shades, and type "E" glass argon filled is available upon request. Depending on window or door selected.
  8. All wood pressure treated with chemicals against rotting and termites. Defective wood plate or cripples re placed if required.
  9. All units weather sealed with polymeric weather-stripping systems which cut air infiltration to levels as low as 0.03 CFM- well below industry standards.
  10. Installation of premium grade triple track storm windows and all models of storm doors. 
  11. If unforeseen electrical or plumbing work must be performed there will be an additional charge. 
  12. Customer's premises are left clean: inside vacuumed and outside completely cleaned-up of all debris. Old windows or doors removed from site. Tarps are placed on floors and furniture.
  13. Waivers of lien and insurance certificates available upon request. 
  14. Wilson Installations Inc. guarantees installation for a period of ten years against any operational defects that may arise due to installation procedures.
  15. Manufacturer fully warrants product against any operational defects as serviced by factory trained techni­ cians under individual manufacturer warrantee conditions.

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