Siding, Overhang & Trim Installation Procedures

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  1. Prepare surface on which new siding is to be installed by removing any existing materials not conducive to accept new siding; nail down any loose boards, and replace any rotten boards.
  2. Install wood furring or wood lath to provide a flat surface, or if additional insulation is required, install sheet type insulation board on all walls prior to installing siding which also helps provide a flat, smooth surface for siding installation, install a wind and vapor barrier over insulation.
  3. Remove any shutters, downspouts, lighting fixtures, etc.
  4. Cap bottom of foundation, where possible, with flashing.
  5. Furr out starter strip or channel to accept first course of siding.
  6. Strike a chalk line around the base of the house walls to insure siding panels will be level horizontally.
  7. Remove all storm windows and doors to allow aluminum trim covering of window and door frames, sills, or jambs.
  8. Furr out any window or door frames with new lumber to avoid windows or doors appearing recessed.
  9. As siding panels are installed, use level vertically against panel to ensure siding will plumb vertically.
  10. Install "J" channels around any adjoining openings such as windows or doors.
  11. Miter all channels, soffits, headers, windows, doors, and any other material which can be mitered to give a professional appearance.
  12. Use a thin bead of specified compatible caulking around openings, sills, windows and door corners, where needed.
  13. Pop rivet open seams on trim at seam, corner, or any overlapping areas, as necessary.
  14. Ventilate overhangs prior to installing aluminu, soffit, fascia and frieze materials, install screening, where needed.
  15. Reinstall all accessories taken down in preparation for siding installation.
  16. Wash down siding to remove finger prints and soil, using a mild soapy solution.
  17. Clean up all scrap materials from around the house so that customer's premises are left clean.
  18. Wilson Installations Inc. will supply a waiver of lien upon request.
  19. Wilson Installations Inc. will supply a certificate of insurance upon request.
  20. Wilson Installations Inc. will stand behind all of its installations with a 10-year guarantee unless other­ wise indicated in your proposal.

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