Roofing Installation Procedures

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  1. Evaluate condition of existing roof to determine whether it needs to be removed or if it can b.e re­ roofed depending on the number of existing roofs.
  2. If roof needs to be removed, it will require a building permit in most towns which we will obtain.
  3. If roof needs to be removed, a container will be furnished for all debris.
  4. If it is necessary to tear off the roof, all shingles are removed to the bare wood and a layer of 15 lb. felt moisture barrier underlayment is applied over all sound wood.
  5. Any rotten wood is replaced at an additional cost per square foot prior to reroofing.
  6. A new asphalt seal tab shingle, a dimensional shingle or a cedar shake shingle is installed by nailing shingles using four (4) 11/2" galvanized double dipped roofing nails per shingle, or appropriate sized nails for cedar, NO STAPLES ARE USED.
  7. All shingles are installed leaving a 5" exposure to the weather unless otherwise indicated.
  8. Modified rubber installations are installed on all flat roof areas.
  9. New roof vents are installed to replace old rusted roof vents, whenever necessary and/or additional roof vents can be added if needed.
  10. Ice and water shield is required by most building departments.
  11. We will install ice and water shield in all valleys and along all areas where gutters are installed, around chimneys and skylights.
  12. We will install new lead soil stacks around sewer pipes.
  13. Manufacturer’s warranty is issued to customer which is usually (25), (30), or Lifetime Limited.
  14. Customers premises are left clean.
  15. Wilson Installations Inc. will supply a waiver of lien upon request.
  16. Wilson Installations Inc. will supply a certificate of insurance upon request.
  17. Wilson Installations Inc. Illinois Roofing License is 104-0014-78.
  18. Wilson Installations Inc. stands behind all of its installations with a 10-year guarantee unless oth­erwise indicated in your proposal.

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